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We are exclusive agent for the below products:

Projectina AG

Projectina is founded in 1946 Projectina is a leading company in the development and manufacture of Forensic Science Products and Systems. An extensive product range enables forensic specialists worldwide to secure evidence and to examine documents on a high level of efficiency and reliability. It is our challenge to develop and manufacture advanced high quality products in close cooperation with forensic science experts.

Voigtländer  GmbH

Voigtländer was founded in 1955 by Hans Voigtlände. It focused on material and equipments for the securing of evidence.
Today, the headquarters of Voigtländer in Stuttgart focus on equipment production for the latent fingerprint investigation, subsidiary in Blumberg distributes police equipment and materials for crime scene/ forensic investigation. 

Landqart AG

Landqart AG is a renowned and traditional European manufacturer of banknote and high security paper and substrate. Its product range comprises besides high security papers for banknotes and passports also unique security features.  As a modern and market oriented company the utmost satisfaction of our customers’ needs and requirements is our focus based on typically Swiss fundamental values: quality, security, reliability.

Laboratory Imaging spol. s r. o. - LIM

Laboratory Imaging (LIM)  was founded in 1990. It is a company with broad expertise in microscopy and image processing and analysis, offer general purpose image processing and analysis systems as well as reliable customized solutions for scientific, biomedical, forensic and industrial imaging. 

Mikroskop Technik Rathenow GmbH

Microscopes from Rathenow have gained worldwide recognition at universities and research laboratories over more than 200 years. Microscope Technology Rathenow GmbH, is characterized by precise construction and practically based design of its product. After its 30 year long association with the state combine VEB Carl Zeiss Jena,  Microscope Technology Rathenow GmbH continues the tradition of producing innovate top quality microscopes and precision instruments, offers microscopes for teaching and education, for practical biological and medical applications and also stereo microscopes for wide use in the natural sciences and engineering.


We also agent for the below products:


Regula Ltd.

Regula Ltd. is a scientific and industrial enterprise situated in Minsk, Republic of Belarus, established in 1992. Today, it has become a leading developer and producer of hi-tech forensic equipment and software, including different devices for authentication of security papers, IDs, passports etc., products as portable complex for investigation of vehicle identification numbers by magneto-optical visualization (non-destructive method), compact laboratories for examination of documents and other security papers, full page desktop and mobile passport readers etc.