Pacific Security Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. founded in June, 2001, Since its foundation, it has won the exclusive agency of PROJECTINA AG in the territory of China. It actively cooperates with other leading international companies, and introduces the advanced forensic technologies and products to China. It has become the exclusive agents in China for the following companies since 2004, Laboratory Imaging spol.s.r.o. in Czechic, Askania in Germany, Voigtländer in Germany.

It provide innovative excellent products, including Document examination instruments, cyanoacrylate fuming chamber and fingerprint development chamber about Fingerprint examination, Forensic light sources, Comparison Macroscope , etc., which are designed to finding evidences at crime scenes and performing detailed forensic investigations in the laboratory.

It has built good business relationship with the customers from various fields in the past ten years. It has won the recognition from many experts and customers with its perfect products and services. In the Border Immigration, Police, Prosecution, Courts, Customs, Banks ,Security Printing and other industries, its instruments play the important roles in them, and serves for more than 500 customers in China.